Since 2003, our company has been operating in industrial zones. Our products under the brand name Topaz high-strength shoes, handbags, leather, sewing thread are active in the field and in production S / Z twist can be done at the same time the latest technology machines are used.

OUR VISION: Constant change in technology is to follow the expectations of our customers as soon as possible and be in the best way to meet.

OUR MISSION: Never compromising the quality social responsibility.


*Customer expectations into account the
*Conscious social responsibility
*Co-operation between workers and giving special attention to business ethics
*High technology-oriented quality

Address: 2. organized industrial zone / South 4.street Başpınar/GAZİANTEP
Tel: (342)337 94 77(4 line)
Pbx: (342)337 94 76